The Belgian brand Ethnicraft unites a few factors that are dear to my heart: natural material, sustainability, timeless design. The moment you see a furniture piece by Ethnicraft, you know it was designed to last. And once you had the chance to touch it, you know it will last. Their furniture is made of solid wood – oak, teak, and walnut.

Wood has always been the core material for Ethnicraft. And as a natural material, wood is certainly a good option for your home. Did you know that wood, like any other natural and porous material, continues to absorb and release humidity throughout its life? Isn’t that wonderful? And now think of plastic furniture! No thank you! Moreover, furniture made of solid wood has so much character. Variations in wood grain, texture and colour are inherent in solid wood. To me, these imperfections make a piece of furniture just perfect. During my trip to Antwerp I learned that oak furniture is made of Serbian oak in Serbia. Double love!

I also had the opportunity to see and feel the Ethnicraft furniture there. It is truly beautiful – the design is simple, clean and fits every home. The wood is just amazing – touching real, solid wood is a pleasure for your senses. You feel and see the furniture with the tips of your fingers, with your skin. And that adds so much warmth and character to a home. I can only add that if you are looking for natural furniture that will fit your home interior and won’t contain any harmful materials, than masterpieces by Ethnicraft is definitely the choice for you. Stay tuned to read my other articles about wooden furniture from this Belgian brand.

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  • Thank you for such an interesting article! I’m currently looking for proper furniture for my office and I think Etnicraft’s products will be a perfect match.

    • I’m glad to know that you found my post useful. I’m also going to post new tips on furnishing and decor for home/office soon.


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